Lil Commuter build

Hi All,

I’m building a kinda short light commuter board with some spare parts I had laying around (and some I may have splurged for).

I have three rather large boards currently (2 Lacroixs - 1 DIY gear drive, 1 kinda stock DSS60 with gummies on it, then I have a 12s4p thane board on a 40" Valhalla deck). None of these are exactly easy to get on and off the subway with and are all 28-30lbs+ and have rather large footprints. Through my DIY’ing I’ve amassed a bunch of spare parts that I’m going to use and some deals I found on the internets.

Build details:

Zenit Rocket deck 35’’ x 9.7’’ - $100 shipped on ebay

Surf Rodz TPK grinds trucks - $50 picked up locally on Let Go

Precision washers - had these

1/2’’ riser - had these

Boardynamics mounts with idlers - had these just bought clamps for them off Kevin

100mm Boa’s - had these

36 tooth wheel/and options of 14,15, and 16 too motor (likely starting with 14) - had the motor, needed to buy the wheel pulleys - $80 I think

lil 10s2p Sony VTC6 pack with BMS - got for deal from a builder friend $250

Enertion Unity (picked up during their Easter sale, just got it) - $200

dual 190kv 6355 Tq Boards Motors - got em used off a friend for $100 I think

I found this waterproof tablet case I plan on using as an enclosure, cool points cuz its see through, plus it should give me the ability to pop it open rather quickly if needed. - $10

I have a new Flipsky remote or spare Nano-X I can use for this

I have a 4amp 10s charger that I’ll use for this - should top it up quite fast

Add some mounting odds and ends and I spent around $800 on this thing, plus used some stuff I had.

Current progress (just motor mounts, motors, wheels and trucks on the deck): image

More pics to come as I finish the build! I’m planning on installing the enclosure in a way that makes it so I could swap this set up across a bunch of decks I have laying around. Making it easy to test a deck for feel. I just couldn’t help myself with the Zenit, always wanted one, its super nice.


Nice to see another Zenit esk8. I’ve got electrics on an old marble 38. Great decks.

ahh I love the Marble series! If I didn’t already have a 40" Valhalla I’d be all over that 38"


Getting there gotta solder a bunch of shit.


She’s running under her own power! Rode into work today.

Gunna get a cleaner enclosure for sure.

One of my motors isn’t being detected as sensored so I need to look into that.

After that is some board hardware fine tuning, gunna move the front truck back a smidge so I can mall grab it, so I’ll move the foot stop around, and move the rear truck back too.

Got it up to 24 and felt nice and stable tho! Felt cool to be on a narrow truck set up again much more “flickable” than my other boards. image image image

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Cleaned up the “temp” enclosure set up. Wrapped the wires in some protective flexible plastics. Mounted some stainless footman’s loop for the straps. Reverted both motors to sensorless and added reverse for shits and gigs.

So next steps are: Still need to figure out why one motor’s sensor wires aren’t functional. I’m having an issue where the unity app isn’t reading 100% when I get a green light, could be the BMS. Maaaybe get a actual enclosure- I’m kinda digging this one now that I’ve cleaned it up. Makes working on it super easy.



Got close to 10 miles of usable range on a full charge. The last 3 or so miles I was babying the throttle. I like this truck/deck combo so much I want to put a bigger pack in it I think. We’ll see. image

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Cleaned up some of the finishing and threw on 90mm hyperdrive wheels to make it more torquey and a tad lighter in the commuter sprit.

Had an issue where one of the chips on the Unity took a dump. Enertion is going to send me a replacement, which is nice, still not sure how it could have happened tho, my settings are crazy low on this build since it’s only a 10s2p. My buddy gave me his Unity so I could get this up and running before Enertion replaced mine.

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