Lil Help, Please: 12s2p vs 10s3p for 190kv 6374

Hey gang,

I had a great thing going (see my build for “Quicker Karma” with an Enertion Space Cell 10s3p, but alas—ran into a broken and unsalvagable enclosure situation. While I was prying the cells out of the enclosure to move them over to another, I slipped, something arc’d—and the battery pack pretty much went up in flames. I’ve got a healthy respect for the power in those cells now.

At any rate, I’m not electrically inclined enough to build my own pack (that is glaringly obvious, no?) but I need to get my board going again… I’m 185lbs, and my 10s3p pack got me up to about 26mph with ease, with room to go—and my range was 15miles with consistent riding (I’m in Florida; no hills & hard stops put charge right back into the batts).

Who is a reliableall-in-one battery seller these days? I would buy a 10s3p pack again, but I can’t find one with built-in BMS, charge port, on/off, etc. There seem to be 12s packs readily available, but they’re pretty spendy. My question, essentially, is this: I know the cells in series will boost the speed, and the parallels have to do with range, but it seems like the newer “Q” cells in the 12s packs are a newer type than what I had in my 10s battery. I really don’t need any more speed or torque than I had (my board was a monster with the 10s3p) but I don’t want my range to plummet. How might the 12s2p stack up against my old 10s3p pack? Do I really need to step up to a 12s3 or 4p to keep range up? And do I just limit the power through the VESC tool settings?

Thanks for anyone offering insight—I’m not rich, so I’ve got to make decisions I can live with :confused:

If it matters, I’ve got a single Torque Boards 190kv 6374 motor running O-Tang Kegels; Torque Boards VESC & Enertion Micro controller. Not looking forward to blowing up anything else.

Sure I can build u one check my Instagram @willtechindustries

I had a small batch made of just what your looking for. 10s3p made from 30Q’s for a total of 9,000mah.

I need to get rid of one more to fund a project so please PM me for more details.