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Linkage-Tilt-Steering Skateboard Trucks | Unsuccessful On Kickstarter

These trucks look very high tech, But sometimes you have to wonder if increasing the complexity of a design improves anything vs the common & much less complex truck designs currently on the market.

Also I doubt these trucks would work with normal skateboard wheels, that mostly have a square profile, limiting the appeal of the design for a regular skateboard rider who will often have a favorite wheel.

Where are people getting these large aluminum wheels with rubber tires on them? Is anyone selling these kinds of wheels for regular boards? I mean I’m sure he designed those particular ones, but i’ve seen them elsewhere.

Zboard also sells 90mm wheels with aluminum rims.

I know the factory that makes them… I have considered it… I sort of like the look of them… but from my understanding the urethane is rubbish.

I’d be more interested in vulcanized rubber (like car tires) over urethane on something like this. Possibly even with water channels in a tread pattern. I’m curious about the differences it would make in the ride and handling, as it would be somewhat of a middle ground between pneumatics and regular urethane wheels, and might even be a quieter ride.