LINUS TECH TIPS - Could we convince Linus to join the esk8 community?

Hi everyone,

I would personally love to see Linus Tech Tips create or attempt to create a ludicrous DIY board. Would anyone else like to see this?

How can we try and make this happen? Any ideas?


we could start by spamming the comment section of their videos

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The guy could barely handle a 6V toy car upgraded to 12V :smiley: Also I don’t recommend esk8 with sandals and socks


Lets all do it! Operation Sandals on a Esk8


hello fellow countrieman and esk8-bro. where in belgium are you from

The home of Stella Artois. You ? Seeing that you’re also a member since '17

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guess what. i live 12km from the factory

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I would definitely watch this video


I might even watch it twice. And not skip the ads.


okay but how do we get them to do it?

If we all join Linus tech tips forum and all their social media and keep spamming them with our want to see them build one. Create topics, add lots of comments etc?

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post link to forum

Lets get posting everyone!

ok but where in there do i post?

i feel like he has no clue about anything eskate related, but if he made a proper video it would 100% blow tf up

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Pretty sure they did? @Fosterqc was this the kickflip board people?

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nah thats the skinny dude with regular boards

The automatic kickflip board?

I have posted everyone. Please join and lets get posting and encourage the team to do it.

Follow link below