Lion 6s 4p pack for sale! $170 spotwelded battery pack

Will include an 80a fuse, xt90 antispark connector, 6s bms charger, charging port connector and led. Looking for 220 shipped but will go for less all it needs is a bms or a charger. Current voltage of pack is 25.6 and its spotwelded with cell holders. pack only has 6 full recharges on it.

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I’m selling to buy a vesc or new deck and also don’t wanna wait for a new bms

Does it work properly again?

Yea I did a full check

It was a minor short on the bms unfortunately I don’t have a replacement and the one I would use with it isn’t reliable. So rather than wait for one I’ll just sell this and use an old lipo I have instead

Price drop!!! Now get the pack and fvt 120a esc for 230!!!

@lox897 pease close this thread