Lion | Sk3 6374 192kv | 10s2p 25R battery | 90mm 33T/14T | VESC

Now it’s finally time. I’m not completely sure, if I forgot something or if the wiring is right. Soooo… here are my parts:



Wiring etc.

  • shrinktubes
  • 12 awg red/black 1m cable
  • 22 awg wires
  • Nickel sheets
  • XT90s
  • 3 x XT60
  • Balance Port
  • Enclosure

Couple questions:

  1. Which deck would be better?
  2. 33T/ 13T or 14T or 15T?
  3. Would 83mm wheels be better for 33T pulley?
  4. Is this charger and charger port right? When yes, how do I connect the XLR male Port?
  5. How do I charge the battery without a charge port (so the xt60 connectors)?
  6. Do I need a Turnigy HV SBEC 5A Switch Regulator? When yes, why and how should I wire it up?

I weight round about 63 kg how fast would this setup be and what would be the range?

That way your LCD will be always on. I’d wire it in after the loop key. Its personal preference but it would bother me if it is always on.


  1. I’d prefer the Hoku Flex :slight_smile:
  2. & 3. Use one of the many gearing calculator tools and choose depending on your preference.
  3. The charger works. Personally I’d go for a D/C plug. When using those 3 pins just get a diagram and find out which is ground/positive and wire it in. When using a BMS you will have to look for its specific wiring diagram too, to know where to wire the charging port in.
  4. You can also use an xt connector to charge the batteries. Many people here use quality 18650 cells without a BMS and use a regulating charger to charge them up to 41v only. It preserves the cells.

First of all, thank u very much!

I think I go 13T, 47,5 km/h doesn’t sound so scary compated to 14/15T.

What if I replace the LCD with this, looks much nicer to me.

Can you recommend one cheap regulating charger? I found one for 75 €, are they really so pricey or am I searching wrong? :unamused:

Or… I’ll go with BMS, much easier. Is this BMS right?

Changing the LCD won’t do anything in terms of it being on. What @TranxFu is saying is that the LCD will always be on in your current configuration. I recommend putting it after the loop key as well so that way it only comes on when your board is on.

Don’t go lower than 14 teeth on the motor, otherwise the belt will skip sometimes. If you want more torque and lower speed, just increase the teeth on the wheel pulley

Thanks for that! I will go 83mm 33T/15T:grin:

did you already purchase the 25R batteries?

The one further to the right, after the loop key that way it only turns on when your system does.

Not yet, I wait a little because of easter.

I use Lipos myself but I have heard that 25r cells are bad about voltage sag. 30Q cells are suppose to be better even though there discharge spec seems lower.

15/33 will give you a lot of speed though. Can’t you add teeth on the wheel pulley?

another thing to mention is a 10s2p with either 25r or 30Q cells is really low. 10s3p is minimum to go, better is a 4p configuration. Otherwise your cells will have a hard time and wear out soon.

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What about HE2 cells? Are they any good? They’re pretty cheap tho, and the specs are the same as 25R.

I’m not sure but I think from what I’ve heard that they’re better than 25r’s Seems like 30Q are best from what I’ve heard Also Like @TarzanHBK said, you can’t do a 10s2p with 18650. You will need at least 4p

Yeah as mentioned before I wouldnt go below 10s3p, Preferly 10s4p. Or if its a space issue it might be worth going with less serial connections for more parallels to increase the discharge rate. Just a thought! Not much experience with anything else than my own 10s4p tho…

I’m considering 10s3p with he2 or 10s2p with vtc5. What you think, would be better? The he2’s are 1,10€ cheaper per cell than the 30Q’s.

I go with 10s3p after researching a bit more. Thanks for that!

I’m not sure about HE2 cells and I know nothing about VTC5 cells. If pack size is a concern I would take a look at A123 Lifepo4 cells. They are supposedly the real deal with 70a discharge per cell Full charge voltage is 3.6v so a 12s2p would give you 5ah with 43.2v full charge and 140a continuous current. They have much higher cycle life than Li-ions as well. The only other option I know of to have high power in a compact system is with Lipo packs.

He2 or he4 are perfectly fine to use. and chaka are using them