Lipo 11.1v battery would not charge

I need help. My knowledge of lipo battery is very limited and I hope ppl here can help me figure out what is wrong with my lipo battery pack. The pack is 11.1v 3s 5500mah pack. I accidentally short circuited the battery and causes a few sparks last night. I checked all the connections and everything seems fine. I used a battery checker and it still reads 3s with charges of 3.98v, 3.97v and 3.96v. But when I try to balance charge it the charger gives me a battery connection problem error. My changer should be working fine because I am able to charge other batteries. Thank you.

not sure what you thing might be… if voltage alarm/voltage monitor shows up the voltages…

Do you have the main plugs connected correctly? (are they connected / in contact with charger?

What charger do you have ?

Provide with pictures?

Check for voltage at the main wires. One of them may have lost connection during the short

Thank guys. Yes one of the battery connector and a charger connector got fried and solder melted. A few days ago I have 2 battery accidents and I became paranoid about lipo batteries. Its pretty scary to have 2 6s batteries shorting out. It caused a lot of damages to my wireing. I spent the 5 hours checking and

Lipos are totally fine if you’re careful enough and always remember protect wires you are not working. Put some tape on them.