LiPo 6s2p charging question

Hi, I didn’t really find a clear topic about this. I am looking to buying 4 3s1p 5000mah 25c Turnigy lipos. I plan on wiring them to 6s2p, so two in parallel and those two in series. I am confused about using a bms with it. Should I also connect the parallel packs balance leads in parallel and those two leads in series? Will this be correct?

Thanks in advance.

No, the balance leads are only used for charging when using lipo packs.

I didn’t notice before to say it, but I will only charge the batteries with the bms. What are u trying to say? Could I charge them with a 6s bms?

If you install a BMS, it has to be made for this number of cells - so yes, you need a 6s BMS.

It would be a huge pain in the butt to use those cells, and attach them to a BMS. So I was assuming you’d charge them individually, externally. If you want to use lipo cells, you should probably use double 6s, and charge them externally with a good balance charger. Otherwise, build or buy an 18650, or larger, lion pack.

I believe the BMS should be connected only for series and not the ones in parallel. all those packs in parallel should be seen as one cell by the BMS. Its to keep the out-voltage of your battery pack same as the voltage that the BMS is seeing.