Lipo balance board?

Hello !

Where do I can plug my two 4S batteries to charge them in series (8S) with this board :


I don’t even know if I can ?

Thanks !

How many wires are coming from it 6 or 7?

7, connected to a 4S Max Lipo charging station

So what you want to do? To charge your 2x 4s batteries in parallel with a 4s charger, Or you want to charge your 2x 4s batteries in series with a 8s charger?

I want to know if this board can help me to charges thoses 2 batteries in series but I don’t think so since it is a 4S charger.

Why do I have 3 4S input on the board ? it’s for parallel charging only ?

Idk which board this is, but usually you use this boards to charge your lipos in parallel not in series. The board you have seen to have different sized jst plugs, so could be an adapter board too.

Did this board came with your charger? Which charger is it?

« Equilibrium mini v2 », but I don’t remember where this board is from, I just found it and I was asking myself how I could use it !

The board is to allow you to use balance connectors of different sizes and makes to properly balance charge anything from a 2S to 4S pack.

If there are two identical JST receiving connectors for your batteries you can charge them in parallel, ie 4s2p


Well i see, thank you !

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