Lipo balance charger

whats a good lipo balance charger but under 40 dollars?

for a 10s battery not in series

I don’t think there are any chargers for 10s. Not under that price that’s for sure. I don’t understand what you mean by not in series though

i have one 10s batteries not 2 5s batteries in series

any reccomendations for under 100

Ok. So effectively you are looking for an external balancer charger for 10s. Is i said i don’t think you will find. Under that price the best you will find is an imax clone for 6s. Maybe you can find a bms+ brick charger under that price if you look in china

so how do i charge a 10s lipo battery

Most people either separate a 10s into 2x 5s and use the mentioned 6s hobby charger or include a bms in the board and use a 42V power brick. If any case you have all the information in the forum on how to use both systems

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so if i wanted to get a bms what should i buy and how do i charge it

Sorry man. Its 1am here. Search for bms in the forum and have a look. I’ll come back tomorrow for your questions

Here you go 10S charger that cost 25$ Click me


A 10s battery is 10 cells in series. The s stands for series.

This thread should be closed along some others quite “similar”