Lipo battery chargers

Anyone know a good alternative (and cheaper) lipo charger to the iCharger 4010Duo ?

EV-PEAK CQ3 100Wx4 10A Four Channel LiPo

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Maybe a SkyRC D400

icharger 308 duo?

Just don’t increase the retail price 2x when you include it in your high speed package. It delivers more than enough amps for 2x6s 6000+ Graphene.


Lol I just have two Imax B6’s ~$30 add an old laptop charger PSU and your good!

What’s good for a 10000mah 25c 22.2v Lipo

25C is very low. I suspect you can charge it at 2c max, meaning you need a charger that is at least capable of delivering 20A. The charger I linked does 30, so you’re good to go.

What do you think about a meanwell gsm160b48 for 12S4B ? 160W isn’t much, but it is cheap an portable. sadly the voltage isn’t adjustable. So you stick with 48V (4V per cell) instead of 4,2V per cell. What is the difference in capacity if I stop charging at 4V per cell?

thats the one I use!! Great charger for the money @ $170. Do you ever use the non-balance charging function? I wonder if it charges faster that way…

i dont own the same charger, but i have balance charger with that function not noticablly faster. not worth the risk

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Can I charge a LIPO battery with only the balance chargers? Because I currently have the balance connectors need for a 12s battery connected to a BMS but the discharge rate was to slow so I connected the discharge port straight into my VESC. So, is there a way I can charge my LIPO with only my balance ports connected to my bms which is then connected to a hover board charger? Would that work?