LiPo battery configuration / charging for a 10s ~10ah setup: Recommendations?

I am trying to build my first eboard and I have decided on pretty much everything except for a battery setup. I want to use LiPo batteries for their price and because I don’t have the skills or materials to build my own pack from 30q cells. I am planning to build a board with dual 5055 270kv motors (diyeboards) and a diyeboards v1.1 dual belt esc. I want a 8-10ah setup with 10s. I have a few questions.

1- What batteries should I get? I’m thinking 2 5s 5ah battries in series.

2- What C rating batteries? The esc claims it can handle 50a continuous current and 120a for a few seconds.

3- What bms and how do I charge the batteries? I would prefer to be able to charge them while they are in an enclosure but I am not sure this is possible. Also, would I need 2?

Thanks for any answers, I have no experience with eskate or RC.

Not to be a complete jerk, but I’m not so sure that a DIY build is a good idea for someone with no esk8 or RC experience. There are some pretty big risks involved and I’d hate to see you start a house fire or break an arm.

You’re fine dude, everyone has to start somewhere. You need to do a lot more reading, though. Check out the beggingers thread to esk8, that should help you out.

I’m going to answer specifically but you might not understand why and it might confuse you more. Diyeboards are not good company nor their products. Search why. Don’t use 270kv on 10s You need 3x5s in parallel and then 2x of those packs is series. You need graphene >60c lipos. You need 1 BMS. Charge only or with discharge also. Bestech is the brand. You want to support the community and get your parts from forum vendors If you don’t understand my answer, search more :wink:


I would like to buy from vendors here, but diy’s prices are drawing me in, everything of quality is just so expensive.

About the motors, 270kv is what comes with the kit, but it has low gearing.

Thanks for battery advice, but one more question. I don’t know if you can answer this, but what should the max continuous discharge amperage be on a bms i get? Should it match the esc’s?

This will help you greatly


I keep sending people to this 2 year old thread when they ask about lipos. But this thread really does have all the answers. Just read through it man it will answer all your questions.


^ this :point_up_2: best thread ever imo


Definitely best thread ever wow!