Lipo battery connected in series

Hi, I have search for a while now but I can’t find anything helpful. This is my question: I am going to buy two 6s2p 8000mah batteries and connect them in series, I am wondering what will happen to the battery. Is it going to be a 12s4p 1600mah or something else.

Or should I buy anything else.

Here is the battery:

This is the Vesc:

what @linsus said :sweat_smile:

It will either be 12S2P or 6S4P. (Cba to click the link like previous author)

Look In the bottom right corner of the battery, it says 6s2p.

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if you connect the packs in series the p count will stay the same but the S count doubles up. If you connect them in parallel the S count stays the same but the p count add up.

I would think a bit about that pack. As 1p it would already be not that great. As this packs as you said right are 2p packs it means the single cell has even less good rating. So one cell is rated to 6C which is very very less.

What would you recommend for battery?

Thanks in advance!

Or should I get this lithium ion battery:

look better for the graphens. they have them in 8000mAh and 12000mAh if you look for the big and cheap version. I think the small 4Ah packs are on sale right now as well.

If no look for the Heavy Duty 6S 5000mAh packs. They hold strong so far with me and the price is good as well.

It depends on which range and discharge you want to get out of that battery.

12s2p 30Q shouldn´t be more than 40a and will sag probably pretty bad.

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if you connect them in series you’ll get 12s at 8000mah