Lipo battery questions

I am running 2 3S lipos as 6S and have an anti-spark switch loop that I use as a “key.” Is it safe to just unplug the “key” (leaving just the negative wire plugged into the VESC) when not using the board for a few hours or days, will this damage the VESC?


There’s no current flowing through the wires, so perfectly safe.

Thanks! And here is a dumb question - can I charge it like that with a “Lipo Battery Balance Charger Twins Adapter for 2 3S Lipo Battery”? or should I disconnect the batteries completely first?

As i said, there’s no current flowing through the circuit to the VESC. You need a closed loop for current to flow.

Thanks man - I am just very paranoid about ruining the VESC since it was a pain to acquire. :slight_smile: Appreciate your help!

I charge my batteries in the board with complete circuit and Vescs on and it doesn’t hurt anything.

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