LiPo battery situation, conflicting answers


I have a 10s1p battery pack and 2 of the cells have gone bad (puffy). I’m getting conflicting answers on if I can just remove the last two cells, leave the last 2 battery leads disconnected, and still be able to run my ESC.

Dumb questions (this is new to me but I’m trying to read up and learn as I go along):

Does my ESC need 10x 3.7v to run correctly? For the 10s BMS, what is the rated A for this pack? What is the discharge rate for these cells in C? (or how do I find out) Once I reconnect the 8 cells, can I just put them back in my board to charge safely? (they’ve been sitting out for a few weeks)

Thanks in advance!

Pictures maybe? Lipo cell tabs are usually very hard to solder on, and the heat destroys the cell very easily, if you go that route i would recommend using screws for the contacts. Your bms may stop working, but the esc should not care to much.

What’s the red connector on the BMS?

I’ve removed the 2 puffy dead cells. What should I do now to free up the last 2 balance leads?

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