Lipo batterys Hobby king are good?

Hello builders, I created my own battery. And I saw some lipo batteries on hobbyking, like 5s 5000mAH… or 2S with small sizes, and my question is.

what is the pro and cons, hobbyking batteries the are good? it’s not fake?

And like always, thank you.

HK lipos are not fake, I have had 23 lipos from them. All come properly packaged and within 0.03v of each other.

The cells work great and provide around the mah stated although I haven’t checked properly just based on range I get from them. Many builders here use them and it is generally recommended to get 30-40c plus ratings although I personally have only used 20c lipos and thy all have worked perfectly fine for what I need.

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Hobby king lipos work very well

ok, thanks my next build will be with HK batteries, because is tho hard and dangerous to make one.


Hobby king is a reseller… so this is kind of a tricky question. All the lipos i bought from hobby king had been great so far. I stick to turnigy (pretty sure this is hobbyking brand) and zippy. There are probably some bad brands on there though.

Ok, i will buy this brands

@J0ker3366 hey buddy. Feel like making recommendations?

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I used 5 x Zippy Flightmax 8000 2s1p batteries in my first build with a bestech BMS.

I’ve found the power and range f my pack to be great. Having the 5 smallish packs also gives me a relatively thin profile and in conjunction with the way i mounted the batteries have maintained flexibility of my board.

i will ignore the fake’ comment, that makes no sense. They are just a shop. They do reasonable pricing and shipping with a big range.

Build Link: eLFF

I’m 80% convinced you’re an elaborate troll Pedro. Blink twice if I’m on to you

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I’m not a troll, can I now why you thing I’m a troll

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