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Lipo bms and battery display?

I’m looking for a 10s/11s/12s lipo bms. I know it’s generally not worth it, but I’m designing a system where cells will be easy to replace, lipos are the only option for a super thin board, and less than half the price of lion.

Any good sources for a 10s/11s/12s lipo bms, at least 100 amp constant?

Also looking for battery meter. Bought one that works for lead-acid and lion, but it doesn’t work for my lipo pack.

If the battery meter works for Li-ion it should work for lipo. Also why do you need 100A constant? Seems excessive. If you’re running 10s+ you shouldn’t have a constant amperage draw that high.

@evoheyax any battery meter should work, no difference from Li-Ion that I’m aware of. I’m using this one in my battery build with 18650s.

We got our BMSs from Bestech. We got 80A BMSs which I thought was incredible overhead, but they likely have a 100A BMS also.

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Thanks for this link, have only been able to find the ones going to 30 Volts until now, which doesn’t really cut it since I’m running 10s.