Lipo bms US____

anyone have a lipo bms that I could plug 2 5s batteries into and use a wall charger with it? sorta annoying charging my lipos with 2 hobby chargers

can a bms charger not charge them in series?

Idk I assume that it can. I just mean that I need a bms that will accept 2 5s plugs not one 10s one

You will have to do some soldering whatever you do. If it we’re me I’d get a JUST 5s to 10s adaptor and then solder the balance leads of the BMS to the adaptor. Then you just have to plug the bullet connectors (POS and NEG) to put them in series, connect the NEG to the BMS, the BMS NEG to the VESC and connect the NEG for charge port. Lastly connect the POS to the charge port and POS VESC lead. I can diagram it for you tomorrow if you want, just remind me.