LiPo burst charge

I’m setting up my VESC and am running in to the porblem that when I’m breaking I get a high current back from the motor when breaking. I have set my battery max current breaking to -8A since my battery is rated at 8000mAh. This however shuts down the VESC since my breaking bursts over 8A. Can a LiPo handle say 2C when it’s only a burst?

Hmmm? Shouldn’t shut down your vesc, I hit 65-70a peak when braking

I run -10a on a 10s3p lg hg2


Batt amps? :scream::scream::scream: Where you breaking? :joy: I never hit more than -10a per vesc

It’s not a shutdown it’s an error,image

And it happens when breaking with an 8 amp max break

Nope motor amps per motor on the raptor hubs

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Your lipo can handle more for a burst for sure. 8a shouldn’t be the reason why your vesc cut out. The drv vault is no good sign. Do you have it permanent already? If yes you probably need a new drv chip. Does the fault just occurring when hard breaking?

Only when hard braking in FOC mode, it works fine in BLDC mode.

Ok that’s interesting. Which vesc you using?

I’m using a mtvesc50a

It seems like it has happened to other people and adding some extra cappacity may help, 

Those aren’t really reliable in FOC. It’s a cheap hw4.12 vesc and it’s not recommended to use FOC with this hardware.


Thank, I’ll switch to BLDC then since that option seemed to always work. I am sad that I made a mispurchase then since I whould like FOC, maybe I can get a return.

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When I tried FOC with maytech 4.12 I got DRV fault every time when braking, furthermore braking was not possible, only cut offs. Maytech and FOC are no friends at all.


It seems like Maytech an FOC do not play nice together, I’ll try to retour the VESC tommorow. Do you guys have any recommendations for an VOSC 60A+?

Get a vesc 6 or vesc 6 derivat or focbox or focbox unity. All work reliable in FOC