LiPo Charger Turningy 12000mAH

That crap will break. These chargers require the a regulator to control current. Batteries will pull 12.5 continuous since there’s not regulator in between and it will burn up fast.

You can say you have used a similar one without issues, but how much have you been ridding the past couple years? I went through 3 before I gave up and just bought the proper meanwell for $200 that has adjustable current and can actually do 12 amp con without burning up.

So it would basically be like this? 001

If your bms works like advertised then i only need a suitable PSU

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Yes but you need to wire the balances adapter right. If you need help with it just let us know. It’s not that difficult

Making them w adjustable current is a super easy mod adding a resistor but I never had a problem with them breaking from over current

Because you’ve used it like, 20 times in the past 2 years… I was going through them every 1-2 weeks.

Was using them for 2 years prior no prob. Actually use it still often to charge lipo to run motors on bench and prior to that used it like crazy charging 3 or 4 times a day maybe a quarter of last year. If ur worried they can’t do their rated current u can simply add the resistor. Or get the way more expensive meanwell one you got. Actually I linked a meanwell. Or I read one for leds is better at putting out their continuous max amps. There are a lot of folks who use them no prob

yeah i sorta wrote it and then added the imax b6 to it after

Sure. How many watts do you think i need if i find a 5/6/7A charger? (5Hours charging would be ok)

Not sure what specific specs i need (volts,watts etc)

Amazon charger?

I‘m very happy with this one in 8a

But you can find any similar also with lower amps. I think the cheapest are around 4a. Just have a quick search on AliExpress.