Lipo charging and wires

Hello, im confused. Recently I build wires like in that diagram

Can I charge batteries on pararell board like that one?

this is what i do now

closeup to wires

Why dont you charge it in series? and use your board in series?

Just check at this esk8 calculator, so you can see the benefits of using you board in both ways…

Also check forum…most builders are there

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NO, don’t put those balance wires in parallel the way this is wired. Your wiring would only work to use two separate balance chargers for each pack. If you charge as described with your diagram, it’ll short the cells and burn your balance wires. If you want to charge the batteries together using the balance board you showed then make sure to put the anti spark loop key between the cells, and make sure to ONLY charge without the loop key installed. (Have seen others do this where they put the loop key in a spot that when it’s plugged in it doesn’t allow the charger to be inserted to prevent mistakes).

Also be sure to join the esk8 . news forum, it’s a new forum by the people for the people; it’s way more active.

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Okay i made some diagram

that should work i think. when antispark loop are in there is flow and board move when antispark loop are off i can charge it on pararell board, am i right?

You can watch this video as an example

Take your time to read and learn, electrical stuff it is no joke… You could ask at the forum, most builders are over there.

thanks for your advices, just already talk to guys on who have same setup as mine and got an answers :slight_smile:

Why such a hassle and no internal BMS?