LiPo different storage Voltages


i just got my Balance charger for my 2 LiPos (Turnigy High Capacity 12000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack)

One of them has been “properly” brought to storage voltage. I’m curious if these different voltages are okay?

Cell 1 - 3.79V Cell 2 - 3.81V Cell 3 - 3.84V Cell 4 - 3.77V Cell 5 - 3.82V Cell 6 - 3.81V

and combined 22.8V

Edit : The second battery sits at :

Cell 1 - 3.79V Cell 2 - 3.80V Cell 3 - 3.84V Cell 4 - 3.76V Cell 5 - 3.83V Cell 6 - 3.79V

and combined 22.8V

The Images are from my Second battery while it was “charging”

photo_2019-01-09_19-30-20 photo_2019-01-09_19-30-28 photo_2019-01-09_19-30-32 photo_2019-01-09_19-30-40 photo_2019-01-09_19-30-37

Anyone? :smiley:

Yes your batteries are ok. That is a pretty small drift and the balance charger won’t have any trouble balancing the difference

Storage charge can vary from 3.7-3.85v so all of those cells are at good levels. The charger will balance them fine

Good enough for me. Though if you plan to store for more then year I would balance them all to the same voltage to see if there is any drift later.

3.75v is what I use.

the values are ok. I don´t know how your balance charger work, but if i set my charger to storage charge than it balance to 3.80V exactly for each cell.