Lipo Discharge Limit for testing and usage

I wasn’t able to find my answer on the search function. How low should lipo voltages go in terms of discharging? I know that it should never go below 3.4Volts, but the Instruction Manual that came with my lipo says to never discharge below 3.0Volts. The issue is that my charger instruction manual also says that when doing the discharge test on the charger, it will go down to 3volts.

Should I just go with the discharge program on the charger and manually stop it once the voltage reaches 3.4Volts?

Lipo’s should never go below 3.2V I think.

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For discharge test 3.0v is fine but I wouldn’t go that low in regural usage, 3.4v is ok


@Philippe1 @adrian009 Thanks for the replies. So as long as this is a one-time low, it should be good. Personally, I will just stop it at 3.2-3.4V and then interpolate, to find what my true capacity is. I know that regular usage should never go below 3.2-3.4V which is what alarms beep at, but these manuals made it really confusing.

If your charger display live data You can watch how many mah it drain till ie 3.2 and stop it. Won’t be super acurate but shoud give some info about battery health

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