Lipo discharge question

So the main question here is why do my lipos run down so fast?? Basically i have 2x 3s 11.1v lipos. I charge them up to about 25v as that almost full. The LVC is on at 19.2V which is 3.2v per cell. Basically the batteries will take forever to drain from 25v to 23v but once it hits around 23v it drops so quickly to 19.2v…why is this?!!

I believe 21.6v is as low as you should go on a 6s lipo setup …

@smudgeUk the lvc is at 3.2v so its fine

3.2 is lower than 3.6 !! Thats too low !!


No its fine being at 3.2

Ok, but if you do some reading on the forum im sure you will find the general consensus is that 3.6v is the lowest you should take them for longevity and safety. I think you answered your own question as to why the voltage drops so fast once below a certain point. Let us know how long they last running them that low!

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What batteries are you using? What capacity and C rating?

That’s why.

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Thanks bud ! @crameur

Had them for months already! @smudgeUK

Ok cool … yeh it seems that they are best just run down to around 3.6v as after that as you have found, they just drop off so fast. Maybe just stick to 3.6v and they’ll last you many more months :slight_smile:

Dont forget to count in the voltage drop. Under hevier load, its more like 3.3V - 3.5V instead of 3.6V.

Ok cheers. Also it says its 3.3v per cell (nominal) so its 4.2v per cell fully charged right? So i can charge a 6s battery up to 25.2V yeah?? @smudgeUK

Sure. 6*4.2=25.2

3.3V is not nominal on LiPo btw.

I meant 3.7 lol

Just to summarise for you @Charster10

(Do the math for the size of your pack so for 6s just times these voltages by x6)

  • Maximum charge per cell 4.2v (4.15v if you want to make them last longer)
  • Minimum voltage per cell 3.6v for longer lasting battery pack. You dont gain much by going lower.

Note During riding the voltage per cell will sag below the 3.6v if they are nearly discharged. As long as they sit at 3.6v or more once you are stopped and they have rested for a while, you will be ok.

Hope that clears it all up!