Lipo for kweld/malectrics spot welder

that what i was thinking, do both xt60 and 90 use the same gauge wire?

sorry for the basic questions but why wouldn’t all uses of an XT90 be using the one with the antispark? my first time seeing the green L was looking at my prebuilds battery , didnt know at the time it wasn’t a regular XT90

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XT90 allows for the use of slightly larger gauge wire. And no, antispark wasnt always a thing on connectors. I’ve seen early versions that used a separate wire and tiny inline resistor that got connected first. On the Rc model side of things they still just deal with the spark and a bit of wear and tear on the contacts that go with it. Some of the fancier Rc speed controllers have an anti spark built into the board.

You can still use whatever gauge wire that was soldered into an XT60 in an XT90.