Lipo question multistar

Has anyone ever tried multistar 20000mah 6s and put them in parallel into a 12s 2 of these bad boys would be crazy range but it’s 10c rating but I was reading on the forum and people say it’s mAh X c rating so it would be 20mah X 10c = 200 amps would that be find or c rating is to low ? Anyone wanna chime in Wana buy these bad boys

They are only 4c… 10c is just bad marketing.


Im currently using 2 of thethe 16000Mah, versions and they work amazingly. Dont worry about the low output as even if it was 3C that would be the max most ESC’s can cope with. The only thing you loose with these over multiple smaller ones is size ( you cant position it as easy unlike 4 smaller batteries ) and the charging times will be quite long but thats because of its size!

You say these batteries work amazingly for you. Everyone else that I know who has tried them says they are no good. I’m curious as to what your setup is and your weight and what your riding conditions are (all flat or mild hills etc. Have you measured voltage sag while accelerating or climbing steep hills?

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It seems that most Lipo’s C rating are highly exaggerated. therefore, its not a dependable measurement when you multiply the capacity with the C rating. Example: The Lipos I use are 5000mah and 60/120C So, 300a continuous and 600a burst But the main supply wires are only 12ga rated for 70a Even with these batteries there is some voltage sag when climbing hills because they aren’t really 300/600a capable as they claim.

Another point is that your battery needs to be capable of higher current than you need (Headroom) If your battery is 20ah and really only 4C. Thats only 80a So if you draw 60a while accelerating up a hill, you are too close to the battery’s ceiling. This will cause the voltage to sag and the battery to run hot and even start bulging.

I’m also using multistar batteries, no problems at all. I have dissasambled a few packs to make a slim pack of it and I have a 10S 5,2Ah pack right now. It’s not a big pack but it’s capable to cruise 14km (I’m 95kg) mostly. I’m also using a BMS only for charging. I’m using a 42V 4A charger and the pack is fully charged and balanced in 1,5h so everything seems to be fine for me.

Most of the people that I have seen saying they are not good are not people who have actually used these batteries but people judging by their main parameters on the paper. The ones who actually use the batteries seem to be reasonably satisfied

@Namasaki just sayin but maybe the multi star packs are actually truthful with the 10c discharge. I highly doubt that’s true tho

My setup is 12S1P. 168KV motor with 20:36 gear ratio. I weigh 58KG and my area is quite hilly The board can climb 4-6% inclines but no more.

My testing shows that the batteries discharge at about 9C ( not 10C like the described output ) but I get very little voltage sag. I will definitely be getting more of these batteries as they are amazing.

58kg is very light and has a lot to do with with it. 4-6% incline are not very steep hills. Some of us are climbing 10-20% inclines. Some of us are 90+ kg

How much is that exactly?

I doubt that any Lipo pack has a realistic C rating. Including the ones I use.

I was also referring to people who have actually tried using them and said they’re not good.

Yup have had mixed experience with the multistar packs half of that was bad configuration so I let the cells get too low but they also ended up pretty spread out in terms of voltage per cell (can’t recall exact numbers was over a year ago). Beyond noobish configuration errors they still seem a bit touchy to me, I switched out for some smaller packs for the sake of weight and after critically physically damaging one of the multistar packs (due to crappy mount design I was trying).

Believe the packs at this size are just more susceptible to heat build up since not much surface area given the volume of juice in the bag.

i used 2 of the 16ah 4s packs on my first build. I was so impressed with there performance I decided to buy 3 more and make a custom 10s 16ah pack using the cells. I can’t remember my vesc settings with my first build but I know I pushed those packs hard

There is a serious thread on endless-sphere forums about these just can’t find it and i’m to lazy now…