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LiPO Questions s

I’m pretty new to LiPos so I have some questions.

4.2 v /cell fully charged
Since they’re zippy I wouldn’t go less than 3.2 v / cell discharge

Safely mount them in a box under your board. Don’t stick them with double sided tape or anything (bad in my experience)

:fearful: 3.7v (nominal) per cell is standard in order to give your lipos a long life.

Edit for more detail:
I charge to 4.2v per cell and stop riding at around 3.4v or 3.5v per cell because resting voltage climbs back up to around 3.7v per cell after a few minutes.

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I always charge to 4.2 and they’re fine. How would you balance your packs? Smart charges all go to 4.2

It depends how long you want them to last. There’s almost no energy past 3.6 volts, maybe 5%. If u keep your stuff between 3.5 and 4.15 they will survive a lot longer