LiPo Safe bag inside e-board

So I was reading through this topic: Diy battery pack using Basen 26650 hi drain Li-ion cells and I watched the video posted by @Namasaki and that thing scared me… into hopefully finding a semi-solution. I know that the batteries found in DIY boards are 20x better than the “hover boards”, but would it be doable to put in some extra protection anyways as a backup? I’m thinking batteries in Lipo safe bag, even when inside the board if the board is running or not. I’d be using this bag:
Is it safe? Is it a good idea? Any thoughts or help is always appreciated

Safe? YES A good idea? YES If you can make it fit, why not?

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if it can fit in your case, go for it!

I always keep my lipo’s for my nerf blasters in a lipo safe bag like that unless they are in the blaster. Certainly when charging them they are safest in a bag such as the one you linked to.

I wonder if there is a way of lining the battery pack with the lipo safe material so that you get the same result, but it’s sized correctly? I’m not sure what material they use or how the panels are joined.

@gordy - be careful and wear gloves. Most of the lipo safe bags are just fiberglass filled bags. You don’t want to wear or breath it trying to cut and line your existing enclosure. Just FYI

I actually had the same idea concerning lipo’s… permanent storage in lipo safe back… So yeah, if you can pull out the wires in a decent manner, I would suggest to go for it!

I wonder if aluminium foil inside enclosure will help prevent the inside fire burning stuff outside, I think it’s fireproof.