Lipo setup for MTB

What are you guys running for lipo battery packs on your MTB builds. I plan to use lipos and want to get better range than 12 miles. I am currently running a 5x 2s 5ah pack on my street board and it’s great. Could I just double this for a MTB and double range?

From my knowledge MTB’s chew up a lot more power so I don’t think you will be doubling the range. Something like 1.5x the range sounds like a good number

I am trying to figure out how to wire 4 6s batteries together for max range.

I use 12s 8Ah lipo and I get about 8 miles.

What kind of battery configuration?

3x turnigy 4S 8Ah

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i’ve 2 lipos Floureon 6S 22.2V 8000mAh and i get almost 15 km - 9 miles

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12s 8ah and only 8 miles, Man those MTB’'s are really juice hogs aren’t they? That setup on a street board would get you close to 20 miles

I’ll do a range test soon. Probably more than that. :smile:

Yea, it’s all because of soft wheels, this guy did an interesting experiment

Test result

  • Trampa wheel 8000mA
  • Onda wheel 5000mA With hard wheels it’s nearly twice as efficient.

Personally on 8s 10ah i get 15-16km. I was using 4x 4s 5ah 25c turnigy batteries.

Unfortunately 6 of these batteries in 12s config burned my vescs, so i’m waiting for new escs now.