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How to maximize the use of LiPos to make a 12s configuration with 2 Focboxes in this kind of deck


What kind of LiPos do you guys suggest to use to achieve a 12s configuration, and depth of enclosure is at most 20-30mm (but the smaller the better) but still have decent total mAh. Is it more feasible if it’s 10s?

Are you using drop-through deck? I would use 3s lipos at one layer.

Which specific LiPos? (links if available)

12S with FOCBOX is risky. Be prepared to blow one of them at least.

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Based on the dimensions on the website, it looks possible to fit a 10s2p

or maybe not. That’s why I need the help from you masters. Thanks!

I’ve got 12s running on @torqueboards vescs on 2 separate Boards for over a year now and no problems. I honestly think a lot of killed vescs are due to user error and if you set it up correctly most vescs (with the exception of maybe really cheapo ones like turnigy or Maytech) can handle 12s. FOC is a different story all together though :joy:

Facts are facts and whether due to operator error or not, it’s very likely at least one will get toasted, so might as well plan for it. If not, great!!

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Yeah that’s a great point. If anything, it emphasizes how important it is to take your time setting up your VESC and not rush to put your board together and ride at 3am just because your VESC finally came in the mail that day.

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You’ll want to make your enclosure as wide possible so you can route the wires round the side saving valuable clearance.

Here’s a photo for scale 10s with 2s packs. This enclosure has an internal space of 440mm x 145mm and 37mm deep.


That BMS is huge! What deck did you put this on? What trucks? How was the clearance?

Loaded Truncated Tesseract. Popocas(90mm) 12mm risers. Calibers. I’m making a 27mm version of this but fairly specific to these decks. 80a discharge bestech BMS


6 batteries * 4.6 cm = 27.6cm battery + 6.4cm focbox + 17cm motor clearance = 51cm 78.74cm - 51cm = 27.74cm - 5cm cable management = 22.74 (8.95 in)

You can fit a 12s2p, 3p if you stack 3 layers instead of 2 (4.2cm height instead of 3.8cm). Taking into account 17cm of motor clearance you’ve got about 9 in left to play with. You also should have enough room on the sides for cables/connectors etc.

Seems doable.

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The numbers seem to say it’s doable! More so if it’s a 10s configuration I guess.

This is beautiful!

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I use the 10,000mah and 10,000mah 4cell batteries, 3 of them…from Hobbyking and no issues yet with hk vesc…

They do. You might also be able to squeeze a bms in if it’s small enough.