LiPo Users, tell me about your battery

Hey guys Atm I’m running a standard LiPo system at 10s 8000mah with bms and whatnot.

I however want to upgrade my system (candid)

Now the aim if this thread is to see if anyone else has upgraded to their LiPo’s either Turnigy graphenes or nano techs and if they notice a severe difference. OR if anyone has gone from graphenes to nano tech or vice versa and can tell me if there’s a crazy difference between them.

Thank yaz!

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only nanotech - graphenes?

lipo - nano tech nano tech - lipo nano tech - graphene graphene - nano tech graphene - lipo lipo - graphene

i just wanna know what people like and dislike about each one

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i use hk heavy duty…so i´m out :sweat_smile:

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The nano techs severely sag under high amp and become puffy very quickly. C rating is most certainly fake by a large margin.

If you have a single drive they will probably do fine.

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they advertise they can do far higher though?

You’re welcome to believe the marketing text.


are you using them?

Not anymore.

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so im assuming you were using them? What have you switched to now? (apart from liion)

Iv’e heard bad things about nano-techs as well. They puff quick and sag

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I am a long time nano tech user. I totally disagree. I have a very high opinion of them. Didn’t measure data myself but i have read many users at rc community reporting real c claims. Actually those are the only lipos that are not over exaggerated at the store. I have an old pack still alive and It has 0 bulge. I guess you have a different experience. I respect your opinion.


Different experience is most likely based on the amp draw of your application and the mah of the lipo you used. In my experience, the 2000-3000mah range ‘‘90c’’ nano tech could not handle the abuse of 30A constant draws nearly as well as the regular 30C lipos sold by HK (Rhino, Zippy). All nano techs died premature and were significantly hotter after use. Charge cycles were almost cut in half compared to the others.

Mind you, I never discharge below 3.7V.

4x heavy duty 5000mah, 12S total. So far, they are better than Zippy 8000 mah packs and are most certainly far superior to nano tech. My Trampa easily pulls 50A per motor when charging up hill full power.

I owned: Turnigy Graphene (excellent performance, good amount of charge cycles, good during winter) Turnigy Nano Tech 90c (No good for what I own, amp draw too high) Zippy Flightmax 8000 30C (OK, if you stick to 3.7V lowest discharge) Turnigy Heavy Duty 5000 mah 60C (better than Flightmax, less sag and can go to 3.6V without heating up)

The Nano techs were also useless in drone applications. It is the lipo I started out with, but they kept dying.


damn ok. i was thinking of going for a 10s2p in the 4500mah nano techs so I’m not sure now. maybe with them in parallel they won’t be under as much stress…? do it for science?

Keep in mind they are good for 25C constant or so. Base your calculations around that and if it matches your system, they will probably be fine.

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thanks for your help my friend

I’ve got a pair of turnigy 5000 5s “30C” in series running my board. vescs set up for 70A total. battery can easily provide that, plenty of power. I shorted it out testing the BMS, that was quite exciting haha

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do you find near the end of the batteries capacity it sags alot?

Not yet, but i haven’t ran them down and they are brand new. I know from pasat experience with lipos they’ll sag a bit worse at lower charge levels, and general sag will get worse as the battery ages, especially if you thrash it

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2x 4S1P 6,000mAh 65~130c Graphene user here. Mine is mounted in parallel to make 8S1P. I run two Max6 ESCs with two 6374 192kV SK3s off them. Zero sag until they’re well below 3.5V, I’ve run them right down early after my first build.

They don’t get even luke warm to the touch when fanging it, which is how I ride all the time. I’m almost 100kg loaded up with my backpack, and I have hills. My motors get warm, even my e-toxx gear drives, but never my Graphenes.