Lipo will not charge and stay at 22.6 v

hey bought a psu and set the adjuster to 25,2V. the PSU has 120 Watt. and my batter 8000mAH. so it will charge with 4Ah ish.

i’m charging with a cheap bms. the voltagemeter show after 30 min. still 22,6V.

its my first charge.

do i have not enough patient?

What BMS? cheap and lipo sounds un-fun… I’d get a real charger for lipo.

inexpensive - i’d recommend the iMax B6ACv2.

I would not charge blind - do you know what each cell voltage is before charging?

I balance charge every time for Lipo.

It looks like my psu doenst work very well. So i connected the psu directly to the battery. And i meassured 0,4 to 1A. The amper goes up and down. Down and up. All the time. Actually it should be 4,5A I bought a psu unit from china. It has 2 minus plugs and 2 plus plug. And 3 plugs for the wire to the power point.

So im using only 1 plus and 1 minus plug. Should i use both?

The psu unit is like this. But with 24 volt and 5 a