Lipos decreasing in capacity after storage?

My board was running fine and I could get about 8 or 9 miles before low power and then another mile or 2 in low power (cutoff at 3.7 volts) i had do do some repairs and it took a few weeks to get all the parts rounded up. after it was done and the board was running again,I can only go about 5 or 6 miles before it goes into low power mode. is there any reason for this? also is there anything I can do about it? I kept my batteries in a room temp and they just sat there, not dropping or damage. not sure if its important but since fixing my board, I’ve only run 2 cycles through them

What charge state were they in? Empty, full, storage charge

ya I’ve thought about that. I feel like I wouldn’t be dumb enough to store them when they were totally dead so it was either storage or full I think. not sure how that would affect their capacity tho.

Depending how many cycles/how old it was and the temp/voltage stored at, will affect capacity

hmm ok. it was a pretty new pack