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Our FreeRide Decks are nearing completion so it is time we begin explaining some of the features and adjustability of the the Liquid Attack trucks we use on our builds.

Each truck comes with three different sizes of reflex bushings and one hard spacer. This allows for a total of six different angles of attack ranging from 48 to 40.5 degrees. The stock bushings should be sufficient for most riders but we will have a full selection of reflex bushings to choose from if a change in durometer is needed.


Yeah not sure this is a good idea.

Youre changing the amount of positive and negative rake. As well as making the bushing not sit flush on the bushing seat.

The hanger should always be the same angle as the baseplate.

I have been using Reflex Bushings for years and have never had any issues with misalignment or popping. They have always been one of the best ways to fine tune the handling characteristics of your setup. They work on most trucks too, can be a little tight on some. Try them and see for yourself.


Thanks for the explanation, I thought this was going to involve changing baseplates but this looks way easier. How do we spec this as part of our order? I think standard 45 deg would work fine but Iā€™m on the heavier side (~200lbs) and always have to tighten my bushings down waaaay too much to get a stable set-up. Should I try red/black bushings stock - thanks!!

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They are shipping stock at 45 degrees front and rear. Most find the stock bushings to be a perfect durometer. We wont be stocking other durometers till Jan 2017.

All ABEC 11 from the trucks to the bushings to the wheels! Very cool. :+1:

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Hope to get mine soon!! (Even though there is a lot of snow outside :frowning:)

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