Liquid-Cooled EBoard?

I’ve been reading some topics about people having trouble with their ESC/VESC overheating inside of their enclosures. Has anyone ever considered liquid cooling their enclosures in the same way you would with a computer? Definitely would over-complicate things, but it would be a cool mod!

@JT_Clemente I really like the new all-in-one solutions for liquid cooling for PCs. It used to be so much harder to use liquid cooling!

I haven’t seen any for eskate yet. My impression is that the added weight of the liquid, added heatsink, and pump would not outweigh the benefit. Since the heat is generated during movement, and airflow created already has the inherent ability to dissipate heat, it seems that air cooling is a better solution.

But ya, I’d love to see someone try it and tell us what the benefits are!

with a high-output vesc from Ollinboards @chaka I doubt you will see overheating anymore. I have pushed mine pretty hard with no issues.

Just attach a big computer fan to the enclosure and the high output VESC combo should be overkill unless you are above 50kph

what about a mineral oil enclosure for the vesc? Can’t you submerge computers in mineral oil?

Shouldn’t be a problem most oil’s aren’t conductive from what i know. But don’t know why you should do that?

To keep the vesc/esc from overheating. I could be wrong but I think I read somewhere on the DIY PC forums/reddit that you can submerge a PC in mineral oil to keep the running temperature down. Maybe I misread something though, I didn’t give it too much thought because I didn’t want to deal with the extra weight so submerge my PC components. For a VESC application, the weight should be pretty negligible

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It would heat up slower thats right, but if its merged and you don’t move the ‘‘warm oil’’ away it will also cool slower once the oil gets warm/hot.

I like Jeff’s suggestion. Maybe even some ventilation holes to the case should do the trick. The amount of work to mount the cooler would be too much work. A more elegant way (and can be combined with the fan), would be attaching a metal radiator to the esc combined with some ventilation holes. That’s how traditional computer cpus are cooled.

If you want some really good cooling, get a couple of high RPM server fans. They will pump a ton of air through your enclosure.

way to go is evolve style passive radiators on the roadside of your enclosure imo. most silent, dust & waterproof, efficient! :ok_hand:

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Anyone ever try one of these?