List of 18650 cells suitable for Esk8?

Hi firstly great forum and have been reading up loads.:slight_smile:

Did search first but am looking for a list of 18650 cells which are considered suitable for esk8

Samsung 25R seems to be on a lot of peoples lists but would be interested in what others have had success with.

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Thanks @E-Boarding appreciate the recommendations

Is there an easy way to check if cells are fake?

Weighing them is the easiest way.

@smorto sounds interesting any more info on what a good genuine 18650 cell should weigh?

get it from one of the trusted vendors. is the place to go for us EU people. for US people.

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I think it is between 43 and 45 grams. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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Thanks just weighed one of my Samsung INR 18650 30Q (well regarded in the vaping community) and getting 46.1g. That cell was from a highly trusted source from the uk… Torchy the Battery Boy :slight_smile: finding his website again interesting read :+1:

This one would definitely fail the weight test :fearful:

Check the Samsung Manufacture’s Spec sheet to know the excact weight the 30Q should have .