List of parts needed for build

Hi guys and gals

I have been trawling through these forums endlessly and I think I have read so many people opinions and builds that I have ended up confusing myself!

So can any superstars take the time out of their day to ring me up a list of items I will need please :innocent:

I am 182cm and weigh 100kg. I will be purchasing a trampa board with the model number 690e it has two 136kv motors attached to it. I would like to build something which can travel 20 kilometres or more.

All I need is a list of items to suit that motor and I will be right as rain. I will of course document my build on the forum and add any fuses/surge protection as I see necessary.

Thanks in advance!

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You will need a battery, 2 esc’s, and a remote. Along with some connectors, that should be it. If you want that range your going to have to hook a lot if batteries in parallel.

Thanks for the reply mate but I am looking for a parts list.

Its costs alot of time to get a whole list for ya. But to help you out 1st, what is your budget? Which country do you live?

I live in Australia and as for my budget, it is non-existent. I am just going to keep throwing money at this build until it works.

Any help is appreciated, I am just looking for an easy way out of doing all this reading :grin::grin::grin:

1 Like Scroll down on the website, @trampa has described some suitable parts for a build. You could go for 2 VESC-X and a nano x since Enertion is also located in AUS.

Just a heads up… if you put in more effort on your end, people are much more willing to help you. If you want the easy way out, just buy a commercial e-board.

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Just talk to @barajabali for an awesome build, since you don’t have a budget and you don’t seem like you wanna put an effort on it.


Thanks! @DeVolve I can help if you need a complete :slight_smile:

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I do want to put effort in to it. I imagine someone has one of these up and running and all I’m asking is they take two minutes out of there day to put down parts that compliment each other.

It’s an easy way out and I know it’s shunned upon in the performance/forums world but it was worth a shot.

I shot you a message before.