Lithium Ion 12S vs Lipo 12S

Hey guys, this is my first post here.

My question relates to the rated voltage for 12S motors and escs. They state 44v max. However a 12S Lithium Ion pack at full charge is actually 50.2v. If I run a 12S Lithium Ion pack I built for an ebike through a 12S motor and esc is it going to fry it? Is the 12S rating for LiPo cells and not 18650 lithium ion batteries, or is the rating based off the nominal rating for lithium ion cells of 3.6v.

My guess is the later and that it would be just fine, but I wanted to make sure before I fry any expensive new electronics.

The battery in question is 12S5P built from Sanyo NCR18650GA for a total of 17.25Ah and ~741Wh. I know it’s a giant battery for an e-skateboard, but I can always remove one of the packs and run 12S4P if I can’t make everything fit.

Thank you guys, I’ve learned a lot through this forum, but this was the only question I wasn’t 100% sure about and haven’t been able to search an answer to.

A 12S battery is fully charged at 50.4V (4.2V x 12). And the rating of 3.6V or 3.7V means that this is the average Voltage under load. Because the voltage drops when you drain power from the battery. So everything is fine with your 12S Motor.


Thank you sir, that is what I thought. I just wasn’t 100% and didn’t want to fry my motors/vescs!