Lithium power tool battery pack hot swap?

Just wondering if anyone has ever tried to use cordless battery packs from power tools as a battery source? I’m cleaning my garage and looking at my Ridgid packs and I know they use 18650. And you can get 3d printed mounts. And in theory you could run in series. So has anyone ever tried this. To top it off you can get them with lifetime warranty and they are built tough. And fast charge as well. Home depot has a 2 pack for $100. 20-40 charge times. Built in protection and battery meter. I may try this on my second build.


Yeah baby! Pooowwwwa tools!

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Here’s the spec’s

I dont know how to read them, but 23A a cell seems good?

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If it can run a poowwwa tool it can run and Esk8…

Esk8 by Ridgid lol


it can be done. monster garage did a car on Milwaukee batteries like 10 years ago lol

but $100 for 10s2p is not really a deal…and you still need to put in the work to make it work…

As far as price, $100 for 20 Samsung INR batteries is not a bad deal at all. But the fact that they come preassembled, in a tough hard case, with a battery meter, and charge/ discharge protection, 20-40 minutes charge time, and are hot swappable makes me want to do this even more.

The best part is if bought from home depot as a set the batteries have a Lifetime warranty with free replacement.

I know they might not be the best for a street board but I’m building a trampa board and they wouldn’t take up much space.

I was thinking placing mounts over the motor mounts or behind sticking straight back.

Ridgid as well as other cordless manufacturer have different sizes, I like the Ridgid just because I already have them and have the lifetime free replacement already but it’s not limited to just a 4amp battery pack.

I do believe I will build my next board as a full themed Ridgid board and make it look like a production Ridgid product.


Or there’s also this option


Saw this rather nice ebike home build on youtube a while back, it has a Dewalt power tool battery set up using six clip on packs, i was thinking maybe a six packs flat 3x3 layout version using the battery mounts from the tools placed mid board could/would work.


i really want to see someone do this. I’m hyped to see what you guys do with this.


Awesome idea !!!


I started using Kobalt 24v Tool Batteries last year. The mount is 3d printed and fairly durable with the vibration from the board. The Kobalt 24v packs are by FAR the cheapest out there with packs from 1.5ah to 5ah.

The 1.5ah is only $10 and a great backup battery to carry.
The 4ah is my main battery and at $50 it is a great deal.

Charging is simple with a speed charger. I have 6 batteries and simply rotate them on the charger. I even considered mounting a second dock on the board to hold the backup pack.


Got a picture of it on the board?

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Does anyone (@Mcal perhaps?) have a working design they’d like to share pictures of? It really is a brilliant idea.

Here You Go


Great minds think alike :slight_smile: (mine is for a bike light)

I have been thinking about using a 40V weedwacker battery on the esk8 but haven’t done much more than think.


Ummmm… this is awesome!

Hey wondering if you have a 3d print file of the Milwaukee battery mount that you made.

I would like to see some completed builds using these power tool batteries. Would be interesting to try one out too! But not sure how to go about connecting them to the antispark and ESC.

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@ Stepputat sadly no - I looked for it this morning, but I can’t find it. I can’t find any of the files from that project. I’ll let you know if I locate it.

Hey buddy I am totally into this power tool battery shiznik as I have found 40 volt 6 a h battery packs made by Sun Joe/ snow Joe which are meant to run their 40-volt snow blowers which also are filled with Sammy 30Q’s.