Little Big Curvy -- 4" Deck | 7.5mm Wheels | Cast Trucks | Dual Direct Drive 0408 23KV | 3A Brushed ESC | 1S1P 260mAh | FrSky RX/TX | LEGO | Insanity!

Been thinking about this fun build for a while and finally got the time to do it. It was really fun planning, collecting parts, building. Relaxing really, was my modern day, easier version of ship in a bottle build because of the tiny parts, steady hand and precision needed.

Most of the pictures are in the post but here is a link to the full album.

First, list of parts.

• 4" Deck
• Cast Trucks w/ Rubber Bushings
• 7.5mm Rubber Wheels w/ Bearings
• Foam Grip Tape w/ LEGO addon

[USB connector for scale]

• Dual 0408 23KV  Motors
• 3A Brushed ESC
• 1S1P 260mAh Li-Po Battery
• FrSky Micro 8ch RX

And now, the build process.

First, mounting the Direct Drive system, wheels and motors to trucks :slight_smile:

Testing the electronics…

Eyeballing the layout…


Huh! Everything hooked up!

Aaaaand, we have some lights there! Seems like the white smoke hasn’t escaped yet.

Doing the grip tape and LEGO…

Just look at that direct drive sexiness!

And here it is, the Little Big Curvy! Pretty, ain’t it? :slight_smile:

Trying out the board… Woah, this thing is SICK!!!

Massive torque, no need for push start! :slight_smile:

Doin’ some slow-mo burnout!

I have also invited some of the forum members for exclusive beta testing of the board.


@okp doin’ his thing!

@ZackoryCramer :wink:

They have all agreed this is, hands down, the best board ever. It was good fun! Share, comment, like, disike below haha :smiley:


I thought this was a typo at first


haha :joy: I can’t agree with your more. That picture is legit me half of the time on bike trails. :peach: I loved your creativity on the electric setup and drivetrain. Does it work? :upside_down_face: You need to post a video of it working on youtube. :money_mouth_face::movie_camera:

Haha, I couldn’t resist after reading that police encounter thread of yours :smiley:

Of course it works, there are couple of videos in the album and two links in the first post :wink:


This is just great, thank you :rofl::joy:

I literally laughed out loud when I saw the last part


My favorite build thread!!!


At that point, I could no longer hold it in.


Oh damn, I actually laughed…out loud. Not the 2 breaths out the nose thing, actual gufaws :grinning:


Love the board, I’ll do it just to stare at it on my desk

awesome creativity ! love it

This is awesome! Good work bro!

This is so cool seriously

Great project!!

Home made carvons!

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0/10 no pee

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Dude that’s amazing!

Same! :rofl:

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Awesome ! Gonna try the same with the small decks of my friend at “CloseUp Fingerskate”. Just need a tiny “remote”.

Good job anyway !

Looks Great I love it! nowa days people be like “oh the board is light and small this is great we love 5 mile range”. But you took that to the next level!

That’s a clean setup!

Can you take this on planes?

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This is awesome. :ok_hand: I see there isn’t much space left but this needs a servo to turn the hanger:D

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