Little Big Curvy -- 4" Deck | 7.5mm Wheels | Cast Trucks | Dual Direct Drive 0408 23KV | 3A Brushed ESC | 1S1P 260mAh | FrSky RX/TX | LEGO | Insanity!

I :+1:, best build ever, definitely needs a Six Shooter. :smiley:

I fully endorse these as the best boards of 2018.

I’m going to need 15 of these for the racks this spring. I’ve invited The Littles to a performance day.

The best part about my mini fig is that i actually have a green hoodie i skate in all the time, its a green Attack On Titan hoodie with Scouting Legion logos on it.


I actually made a mix on the transmitter to make left / right motors rotate more or less depending on the left stick position and it is working wonderfully. But physics don’t agree with that (otherwise all of us with single motor boards would constantly be steering). It still does turn some but not as much to be able to do sharp and controllable turns :slight_smile:

Of course, I think 1Wh is good for all airliners! But I really need replacable battery for v2 :smiley:

I still need to test the range LOL. But not in miles, hours/days :slight_smile:

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Wonderfull! I don’t agree with physics neither

This is straight up the funniest thread I have ever seen

If @Deckoz gets the subheading of badass speaker builder, than i believe @SilentException deserves the subheading ‘Master Mini Builder’. THIS IS A WORTHY ACHIEVEMENT!!!


Should mail that guy around to each other(s) for a weekly ride along vid; •Receive in mail…

•Take some vids (1 min total length) with it in “frame of view” i.e. (Ride along, reenact an incident). Uplaod to “little big curvy weekly grind” tread

•Mail to next person in line or back to @SilentException Fabulous job… cheers!

Edit: although I do like the stick figure rendering in, “after accident analysis”

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Then I need ‘Bearded Trampa Slayer’ :slight_smile:


I need to start doing something cool…