Little help with charger needed

I have four turnigy 3s 5000mah lipo battery and iMax B6AC version 2 charger, how can I safely charge those batteries with this charger? (I also have Multi port parallel adapter 40A for XT60 with XH balance from APS but I can’t use it with iMax charger because balance cables from adapter are for 8s and iMax can take upto 6s) :frowning: help, I don’t want to spend too much money on another charger

Just charge your packs one at a time. That’s the best way. Or install a bms and use a simple charger

I heard it’s not safe to have them charged differetly

it’s safe as long as you balance charge

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can anyone recomend cheap BMS for my set up?

You can get a cable splitter that uses two 3s balance leads to one 6s lead and plug that into the charger. It’s what I do currently.

Buy one of these leads and you can charge two sets of batteries to get yourself going.

Alternatively you can grab a 12s BMS and use a 50.4v laptop charger. Keep in mind you’ll still need your balance charger to put batteries in storage and/or check the balance and internal resistance of your cells every once in a while.

Random question along the charger line… I am waiting for my charger to come in the mail (this charger) , pretty common charger that i’ve seen all over the forums…

My question is, is there a converter for the plug to an XT60 connector? XT-60 connector


You need a bms to use that charger

do you have any specific BMS on your mind, I have no idea where to find one for 12S :grimacing:

These are the best imo and they have a built in anti-spark E-switch

To order, send email to [email protected]

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quick question @Namasaki, what did you set your overcharge voltage detection to? I asked for 4.25v for mine since the balance voltage starts at 4.2v

I left it on default setting

ah cool, yes they said they had a bunch of 4.28v available, but i specified 4.25v so they said they have to make them. Taking forever to come…

How long has it been after they confirmed payment? 2-3 weeks is normal

it’s been about 2 weeks now, still no shipment though