Little Hubbie | Bustin Spliff | Hummie Hubs | Dual VESC | MEB 12S battery

Working on my second build. The goal of this build was to create something small and light to make it easier to carry.

I have most of the parts, just waiting on the battery.

Deck: Bustin Spliff Trucks: Paris Wheels: Orangatang Kegel wheels Motors: Hummie hub motors ESC: Dual Ollin Board Co. (Best money I have spent) Battery: Miami Electric Boards 12S Enclosure: SULACO v1 Remote: 2.4ghz Nano remote

soldered on 5.5mm bullet connectors

Thought it was odd that each hub motor is sporting different screws, if anyone knows where to order the black ones please let me know!

Anyone looking to order a new boosted board click link below for $100 off!


I love the bustin spliff deck I really wanted to get one for my build any way I hope your build goes well

lookin good man! got enough room in there for the MEB battery?

Not sure yet, still waiting for it. Right now I have a couple titan batteries for testing and what not.

Cool, I love seeing all these mini cruiser builds. Lots of fun

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cool build, love the anodized purple hummi vs. purple kegel color scheme! :slight_smile:

think I would try to get the hub motor wires running on top of the truck and not below it. thats why:


That looks like a smart move. Not sure if I can rotate the motors given the glue, Hummie mounted motors for me so not sure how they rotate once installed.

If I put Velcro on the outer part of the heat shrink on my VESC do i run any risk of hurting it??? Or do people mount using the mounting holes? Thanks in advance.


I actually prefer a soft mounting solution like this. We see a lot of vibration on eboards and the more you can dampen the vibrations the better off your electronics will be.

Thank you Chaka!

Got a present in the mail today!!! I ordered a Spacecell4 on May 4th and DIY battery in mid-June and this battery in late June and received it before the other two!! Will add photos after I install it later tonight!

MEB 12S Battery! Well done @oriol360


The battery installed. I am getting about 9-10 miles out of a charge, great battery so far! I also like that I can switch out the battery pack and on off switch and fuel monitor stays with the board.


@Sboard342 Iā€™m considering using a Spliff for a build too. Would you recommend it? Are there any downsides to the deck as an esk8?