Live streamed design session

Could we have some fun doing a live streamed 3D model/design session in here on a Sunday evening (gmt+1)?

I’ve been using Fusion360 for CNC and 3D printing design for a while. It’s just what I would call basic skills so I’m no expert but maybe next time someone can challenge it and do it again.

My thoughts was to design a part for a electric board (suggestions) while live streaming it to those who wants to watch through web browser. The site has a chat function so those watching can come with design suggestions and tip along the way and I do the work of putting it down in the program. The design will be published later for anyone to use. Could even print a test prototype in abs/pla/polycarbonate just for fun :slight_smile:

It would only be a streamed view of my screen as my English sucks and there is no point looking at me.


Tested that the stream is working. Since there is no suggestions I’m not sure what to make but gonna start messing around ^^

It says the rooms offline.

There was no activity so I closed it since I didn’t have anything to design :smiley: Started on a battery pack just for fun but since I didn’t have a plan and nobody posted I stopped it.

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Are you experienced with Solidworks? I’m going to try out fusion and see if I get the hang of it

I’ve used solidworks, fusion, inventor and surprisingly, inventor is my favorite. Easiest to use with the most features. I bet solidworks and fusion have the same amount or more features, but I’m an inventor fanboy so…

I’ve used solidworks, autocad, inventor. Solidworks is my favorite. Inventor screwed with my brain when I had to use it for engineering project.:slight_smile:

Haha never had to use the stress test of any of those features seriously. I’m only 13 so I havent had any sort of projects like that in engineering (yet)

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Let me know if your going to do anymore cad streams. I was trying to make a case for another fellow member and adjust it, but it went crappy really quick for me.

Oh don’t worry, it’ll be fun :wink:

I like this idea - sorry I missed the original invite. Why not try making something simple like an enclosure?

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Maybe I’ll do this sometime soon on my YouTube channel?

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I also missed it by like 5-6 minutes and posted above :joy:

Could do a session again. I’m not very skilled at it so I can’t promise that you will learn much but I design quite a bit with it and it works in the end ^^ What time would be best and what should we design? Best would be to get input on the design and questions in a live chat I think so I can adjust and explain why I do what I do as we go.

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Where are you located? I’m in eastern coast Maryland. I’ll be free later today and Friday or weekend. Post your times and I’ll see when I can get on.

I could join you maybe every other week we could switch and use different programs

I’m interested in watching a session. I’m in the UK though so, time difference… :confused:

I’m in Norway GMT+1.

Could stream sometime between 19:00 and 02:00 tonight or tomorrow from 07:00 to 13:00. What would suit best? Maybe a 30-60min session depending on what’s going to be designed and if it’s interesting to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

I would watch it tonight