LLRH | Carbon Maple Hybrid | APS 6355 190kv | Custom mount | 12s | VESC

Greetings from Finland! I have taken only couple first steps with my built but wanted to share these with you! The LLRH comes from Light Long Range Hybrid which state my goals. It’s my first built so let’s hope that I will meet these goals.

Parts for my board are: Ram Lokz complete 74mm OJ wheels APS 6355 190kv sensored motor Custom mount 9mm XL belt + wheels 2x Multistar 6s 8000mAh Wireless WiiMote

I have everything else but VESC. It will hopefully arrive next week.

I started with the mount. It’s milled 10mm aluminium welded to truck. Btw it was my first aluminium TIG weld!

And drivetrain installed.

Checking how battery cells should be placed.

Milling slot for batteries and electronics.

Here’s what is done.

TODO: Laminate the deck with carbon fiber Laminate a housing for batteries and electronics Install electronics


Nice build! What cnc do you have? How are you mounting the wheel pulley?

It’s some old manual machine at work, haven’t even bothered to check brand. Pulley is bolted thru the wheel and has 3d printed spacers to align with the wheel.

I like the look of this build… .

I like the square lipo packs. It is going to be so clean after the lamination.

Hienon näkönen projekti! Where are you located here in Finland?

kinda reminds of your build actually.

we need videos ! and dont forget safety gear .

LOL yeah same :smiley:

Kiitti! I live in Helsinki. Your recent videos have been one of my main inspirations!

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Project is taking the next steps. Vacuum bagging is going on right as I type this :slight_smile:

And VESC is also on it’s way being here hopefully by friday.

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Some carbon :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome! Really looking forward to see this build fin(n)ished!

Yeah I was testing how much flex it has…

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Ouch… Maybe go with a thicker deck next time

uups, now it is too flexy! :worried:

Hmm, was considering a similar build. It shows now that this will not be so easy.

Please don’t give up, the idea is great.

I’d say the deck by itself is fine but if you are going to mill then you need extra layers

Been following for while and felt so bad when I saw that pic. Sorry dude. Indeed some extra bottom carbon layers or just some strips on the sides could do the trick.

Gonna glue it or start over? If you can peel off the carbon, it might still be gluable.

I would not do it. the wood is weakened too much, it will not hold the forces of boarding for long.

I’ll throw away that deck.I will assemble those parts temporarily to my cruiser, but not sure what kind of deck to get next and how much I should modify it.