Loaded decks as mountain boards?

Hi I am planning to make a mountain board as my next build and I was wondering if an Icarus or pike deck by loaded would be a good deck to put on trucjs like these?

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you havent even finished your first build… :joy:

Those wheels on a loaded deck is like riding a sofa.


While wide ass trucks(SurfRodz) is what I’m using on my Icarus, with Gummies, and more then likely will be testing a front skyhook. Gummies(125mm) is pretty much the limit on wheelsize without going alot wider…which raises it’s own implications, such as wheel bite on your feet.

As well mountain board trucks are 0 degree kingpins, and requires a board with angled truck mounts to achieve any form of steering.

So no to loaded boards with mountain board trucks or large AT (pnuematics) wheels on RKP trucks due to lean. You might be able to get away with @phsycotiller SurfRodz tkp and AT wheels, but I would not use the board as a mountain board, it won’t take jumps like a mountain board

Icarus was designed as a Pump/Carver/Light Freeride/Dancing listed in primary purpose to alternative purpose.

In short, Icarus + tkp + atwheels may work fine as a cruiser esk8 but certainly not a mountain board.

be nice LittleBro…

yeah, will be pretty mushy dude, don’t try to make it a rocket :rocket:


was meant as a “welcome to the endless moneypit of diy eboards” :wink:


What he said ^


@dinodave built one out of a Fattail awhile back:


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Boosted did that somewhere :smiley: Found it:

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Ok Thankyou

That would be awesome

Now put 2 motors on this thing

? There are 4 motors (dual boosted boards under it) take a closer look :wink:

Lol didnt see that, put some REAL motors like 6374 on 12s and race cars imagine just how much batteries can you put here