Loaded Dervish Electric Longboard Build Video

Turned my Loaded Dervish into an electric longboard last week and made a quick video about it - was a lot of fun, hope you like it!


My early life into electric longboard would be much easier if this video exist like about 4 months ago. Thumbs up :smiley: :+1:

Nice video Casey niestat lol I like it good job

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Great video! Really enjoyed some of the stop motion editing you did.

Next time you splice heavy gauge wire try interlocking the strands before you tin the wires. Here’s a video with David Windestål explaining the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t9nT3Hn9b0 Soldered butt joints will sometimes fail over time.

Sweet video editing. Inspired by Neistat, right ?


Since when is 520 watt hors overkill? Yeah you’re feet will go numb and fall off before the battery is dead, but 520 WATT HOURS. I mean it justifies itself.

Seriously though, excellent video.

One question though: Are you going to take advantage of the motor sensors? I noticed they weren’t plugged in. The VESC can definitely use them.

BTW you should get about 30+ miles out of that thing. You mentioned you could ride it for days, and i believe it. I’m getting about 20miles out of my 350 watt hour pack which is the same turnigy multistar you have here in this one.

Nice video Matt! Really enjoyed watching it. I think you have a talent for making technical videos. And I must say you have exceptional soldering skills!

Some day, I’m gonna quit messing around with Lipos and get a Lithium Ion pack. Lipos are just too touchy and the voltage sag is a drag!

@Matt Love that video!! You have a real talent for making videos, but you also have a great sense for how to break things down and effectively teach. Totally enjoyed that and look forward to your future videos and posts. You Rock!!

that’s a great tip with the soldering technique! thanks chaka! that’s exactly why i share because you get so much valuable feedback. otherwise i would have never learned that. great forum here!

yeah that casey neistat style was on purpose :wink:

thanks, appreciate it. it was great fun making this video, can’t wait to begin with part2 :wink:

i agree, i feel much safer with li-ion batteries, no need to worry constantly about setting the house on fire and the energy density is usually better

yes, i didnt connect the motor sensors for now because from what i have heard it’s not really necessary (except you start rolling down a mountain backwards and then want to accelerate again). maybe i’ll connect them later though. and yes, i am curious as well what range this setup will give. we’ll see… :wink:

absolutely :wink: glad it worked out

Great video… if I only had this 6 months ago… it will definately help the next generation of esk8 builders!!

Welcome to the forum! really like your video!..

thanks, glad you like it!

Great video. Love the style and the work you have put into it. Wirklich Klasse.

I see that you are also located in Germany. From which area are you from? Looks like you have the same interests/hobbys like me. :slight_smile: