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My second build (still need to post my first build) is getting close to complete. I just picked up the carbon fiber enclosure from MasterCho over the weekend and it looks so great I had to post some pictures.

Still waiting on shrink wrap for my 10s4p LG HG2 packs and need to install battery meter. This winter I plan on routing motor wires in deck and putting a layer of CF on the bottom purely for looks.

The aluminum tray and CF enclosure does take some flex out of the Dervish deck but still has enough flex for a comfortable ride and still carves like crazy.

My first build was a Loaded Vanguard and I still can’t decide what board I like best. They each ride a little different, both can carve and are really fun to ride.


So clean :slight_smile: Do you have a bms hooked up to the battery?

super nice loocking.

isnt the dervish flex pretty problematic for the enclosure and the mounting points? carbon just tears in these places if you dont have wide washers and little load! counting 6 screws with really thick foam, but the foam probably doesnt help if the board flexes a lot because the distance/spacing of the screws changes - carbon mounting holes probably become oval along the board axis eventually.

enclosure is really a beauty :heart_eyes:

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No BMS, I may add one because I have extra room, but I attached balance leads so I can easily check the cells and balance charge every once and awhile.

The flex may be problematic with this enclosure but I’m sure I can make it work. The aluminum tray underneath the enclosure stiffens the board and takes out most of the flex where the enclosure is mounted. I only have about 10 miles with the enclosure mounted so far but will keep an eye on it to see how it holds up.

If the mounting holes start to wear, I have a solution but I want to see how the tray alone works first.

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Can you add link to the master cho enclosure pls?

I’m not sure he has them listed for sale yet, but here is his build post and you can message him if he doesn’t chime in.

You can find the master cho MOD here: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/gt2b-electric-skateboard-controller-housingcase-enclosure/

Here is a picture of my Vanguard enclosure that MasterCho also created… 3D printed with carbon fiber reinforcement on the inside.

I have a few hundred miles on this board and the enclosure has no cracks and the mounting holes are still round. I have an aluminum tray plate under this one also but i think the smaller footprint helps a lot.


@mdamon213 I wanted to do something also like this but was worried about the flex. Do you have pics of the aluminum you used for support? And how thick is the plate?

Are you referring to the Dervish with the flat Carbon enclosure or the smaller Vanguard Enclosure?

For the Dervish I feel like there is still a little flex and I am worried about the battery pack over time. Maybe some thicker aluminum or I think mounting the batteries to the inside of the enclosure with some foam between the board and battery pack would help.

I helped a friend build a Vanguard with the smaller enclosure and I decided to mount the battery and electronics to the inside of the enclosure with heavy duty velcro. This makes mounting easier and if the deck does have any flex I feel like mounting this way it will be completely solid.

Im sorry about bringing this up but @mdamon213 but do you have pictures of that steel plate which is under the deck / inside the enclosure?

I would like to know how wide/long it is… and how much ‘‘stiffness’’ does it add to the board…