Loaded ICARUS - 6374 190kV - FOCBOX - 10S4P 25R - 90MM75a ABEC11 FLYWHEELS - Custom Enclosures

Hey guys,

this’ll be my 2nd build. I was close to doing the finishing touches on my Vanguard build(check out my other thread). I stopped midway because I fell in love with the Icarus Deck :blush: The Vanguard will be on the back burner. Most of the stuff will be transferred to this build.


Deck: Loaded Icarus Flex 1 - THIS THING IS BEATIFUL :heart_eyes: ESC: VESC 4.12 Motor(s): Single 6374 190kV - will eventually update to dual motors. Trucks: Caliber II 50° Wheels: Orangatang 80A Battery: 10S4P 25R Samsung Enclosure: Custom designed 3D Printed (PETG) Remote: GT2B Sparkle Mod

Everything is there except the VESC which is still undergoing repair and I’ll have to design a new enclosure for it.

I can only compare the deck to my Vanguard Flex 2. Flex is not too much different. I can see the Flex 2 would be much bouncier and more fun to carve. But I opted for the Flex 1 since it’ll be easier to build an enclosure for it.

I will keep this top post updated:

16.05.17: Deck arrived, test ride, measurements & comparison

This is how I’ve solved the top mounting part. There was not enough clearance for the motor when going drop through. I’ve top mounted the trucks and made myself an “shock” pad to even out the stress on the holes and the thin walls.

Comparision between the Vanguard & Icarus. I also put the finished Vanguard enclosures on the Icarus. As you can see they would fit. But the design is so inefficient in terms of space usage. I’ve made a new one from scratch which will give me more space between both enclosures.

New enclosure design - 4x M5 screws holding it down. Its splitted in 2 parts to handle the flex. There will be a foam mat underneath to give protection to the electronics and to tighten down the enclosure onto the mat. This design sits just right up to the baseplate of the trucks.

18.05.2017: I nailed down the enclosure design. First half is printed. Used the heatgun to adjust it to the concave :slight_smile: I designed it not to sit on the wheel flares as it is impossible to align the shape of the enclosure to those sexy curves. As you can see I made 2 slits to get the cable through. I don’t want to route wire channels into this deck. I want to be as less invasive as possible haha… I’ll use glass fiber spatula on the inside to reinforce it. Afterwards it’ll be sanded and spray painted.

From the drawing board to printing :slight_smile: Aligns nicely to the concave.

Second half currently printing.:


Sweet build very clean so far

Awesome build! I am anxious to see where you can get with this. Can you share your 3D files?

Top post updated !

FAIL ! I had this part on the printer for 7 hours and then just noticed that it was the wrong model. There goes one day of printing :sweat:


excited to print this!

@keegancdr I’ll have them on thingiverse without logo up tomorrow :slight_smile: Curious how your method will turn out !

Other half is done. Whats left is to glass fiber reinforce it and sand it. I cut out the mat and it looks pretty neat.

Sad news is that I think it’ll be impossible to have that much free space underneath… The bottom space is just too small to fit 10s4p comfortably. I guess it’d work out if I have the motor(s) face to the rear Ala evolve style. But that would eliminate the kick tails existence…


Looking good!!

I am feeling confidence to buy this board too and starting my first build :smile: :smile:

Glad you’re enjoying the Icarus! Beautiful build!

What do I search for on Thingiverse for the non logo version?

Right here. This one is without Logo.

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Thank you! excited!

It hurts so much :sob::sob:


She’ll be running for the first time soon ! :heart_eyes:

This is still just about halfway done ! I’ve just used screws I had lying around for mounting the enclosure so I can give her a maidens ride. :blush: I have ordered some decent screws and washers(rosettes). Credits to @whitepony.

Also tried @High-roller’s idea to include an air scoop in the enclosure. :wink:

I am actually redoing the enclosures at the moment. Its all trial and error ! I’ve gone through several spools and enclosures until now… :triumph:

A quick notice I can give everyone who wants to 3d design and print their own enclosures is that you shouldn’t add screw holes at all. You will never get them to fit spot on. Rather do sth like this. Use decent washers to not put too much strain on the screw hole points.

As you can see the space between both enclosures is not that wide. 40cells are really hard to fit under this deck… The flex shouldn’t be affected because I used a 4mm foam mat underneath the enclosures and will use rubber washers. I’ll find out when riding. There was no problem with me jumping on it.


And it continues :blush: thanks to @yummyblobs for the clean deal ! :+1:


Okay might need help here :wave:

I keep losing connection. Or its rather the VESC keeps rebooting. When testing BLDC on the bench it does just fine. When driving and having weight on the board whenever I hit the throttle a bit it just stops the connection. I get a weird crack sound from the motor.

On FOC I can set up everything but when doing full acceleration on the bench I get these weird cracking noises from the motor. I think it might be a short in the motor. Anyone have a clue ?

Post your settings, both motor detections went smoothly? Settings have been applied?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I just ordered another motor to rule this one out. I redid cables and everything the last time so I don’t think it could be loose cables. :confused:

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your Batt max is way to high for a 10S4P 25R,

Batt max: 25 to 30A Batt min: -20 to -15A

Wait, a 10s4p of 25rs can give like 80A! 25 to 30 is pretty weak