Loaded ICARUS - 6374 190kV - FOCBOX - 10S4P 25R - 90MM75a ABEC11 FLYWHEELS - Custom Enclosures

Update due :slight_smile:

Board is finished as for now. Enclosure done, screws blackened. The board is running in FOC, with the FOCBOX its running without problems for the last couple weeks. I’m quite pleased of how the board is running. Its super carvy and has enough power for any hills. I’ve found the perfect bushings setup for my weight :smile: The 6374 is enough for any hills here.

I’ve added the vesc port on the enclosure. And its just super neat to just plug it in during the ride to change settings or read the fault codes.

I’ll leave the board as it is for now. This build will get continued once I get my hands on some Carbon V3’s :blush:


That thing is sexy, good job !

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Soon clean😍 I’m inspired.

How is the flex with the enclosures taking up the majority of the deck?

@BenTheBarre Doesn’t affect it at all. And if it does you can’t tell :smile: It still has that super carvy feeling :blush: I would say that the flex 2 is way too bouncy to electrify.

I’ll upload the final files for the enclosures later this week.

Gotta ask, where did you get them nose guards from? :slight_smile:

hey man, this is where I got it from: http://www.ebay.de/itm/KS9-12S-Kantenschutzprofil-Kantenschutz-Dichtungsprofil-Klemmprofil-schwarz-PVC-/222573572260?

I don’t know how its called in English though. They are widely used for other applications.

Thank you! Im swedish I can prolly figure out :slight_smile: it looks really good and kinda want something like that as my nose and tail gets beaten up!

Nice build! Love the 3D-printed parts. The foam mat you are using, what is the name of that product? I haven’t found anything like it. Do you have a link? :slightly_smiling_face:

They should be called cellular rubber foam mat :+1: I went with 4mm thickness.


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Pit stop :grin:


Time for a little update :slight_smile: I swapped the wheels out for ABEC11 90mm 75a and damn ! What a difference ! I’ve ridden them for about 50km now and these are fu*king smooth :blush:. The board has a really nice overall flexy carvy feeling. I’ve ridden a CarbonGT and another stiff DIY board. I can’t wrap my head around why people go for stiff boards :confused:

Anyway, whats next is to update this beast to dual drive. A single 6374 is more than enough to get me everywhere with decent speed and torque and I get all hills in this area but I’ll start an internship later this year and the work way is just perfect for riding an eBoard.

  1. I’ll update my enclosure to fit a 10s4p in the front and have space for a dual vesc and dual 6355 in the back. Might take away the sleek look since it’ll add 2cm on the front enclosure.

  2. Get Carvon V3/V4 and keep the enclosure style. Change the back one to fit dual vesc since there is more space because there is no motor in the way. I think the Carvon V3/V4 are the epitome of DIY building :heart_eyes:

Going the first route will save me some money but damn… That direct drive approach is looking so sleek…


hi! really nice build this is way i change my vanguar build to icarus build! its look awesome... any advice? and do you think that if i do you enclosure can i fit lipo batteries? where i live buying lion is waaaay more expensive i think like 3x what you guys pay (because of the shipping i live in chile) so that becausee im going with lipo a configuration of 10s1p (5x 2s1p 5Ah) each is 19mm thick… do you think that i could manage with your enclouser?

Nice update & great build !

With 90mm wheel do you think there is some wheelbite risks ?

Are you able to share your 3D print model of the riserpad for Icarus ?

hey! i wounder if at really quick turns do your motor bite your deck?

great build. how does the icarus compare to the vanguard?

it has stronger concave, less camber, somehwat of flares towards the wheels and its a drop through. the flex doesnt feel as natural as the vanguards flex because of the stronger concave (gives a weird ef. shorter wheelbase too, feels amore agile than the vanguard. weird hybrid overall - mold/ features of a downhill board with a lot of flex and drop through ;p


@whitepony hey! i wounder if at really quick turns do your motor bite your deck?

nope, im always testing that without bushings, which is possible to do with the ronins only thanks to the support pin :wink:


Which pulleys where you using with your kegels?

What material are you printing it with?